Rockville Consortium for Science Science Center Proposal

The Rockville Consortium for Science is proposing to create a permanent science center in Rockville.  The proposal is expressed in a presentation.   Click here to view it on-line.  Our you can download presentation source and view it with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Table of Contents

Chart 1 - Proposal to Establish a Science Center in the City of Rockville

Chart 2 - Mission

Chart 3 - Benefits

Chart 4 - Strategy

Chart 5 - Departments and Programs

Chart 6 - Planned Exhibits

Chart 7 - More Exhibit Ideas

Chart 8 - Cities with Science Centers

Chart 9 - Needs

Chart 10 - Example Interim Science Facility

Chart 11 - Funding Model

Chart 12 - Contacts

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Last Updated on September 13, 2000
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