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The Rockville Consortium for Science, Inc. (RCS) was organized in 1989 by a group of people in the Rockville area who are interested in science education. Science lies at the heart of the technological progress, space exploration, human and ecological health, and environmental concerns. RCS acts at the local level to promote greater interaction between scientists and non-scientists to improve the quality of policy making in these areas. In addition, these interactions encourage students to take an interest in science and to pursue scientific careers.

RCS is a private, non-profit educational organization. Its goals are: (1) to increase science literacy in the general public; (2) to encourage young people to develop and maintain their natural interest in science; (3) to help people understand the scientific principles underlying environmental concerns, technological development, and global systems; and (4) to establish a science center that will serve as an educational resource for the public. RCS will foster contacts between scientists and the general public to achieve these goals.

RCS encourages scientists and concerned citizens to join the Consortium. We would like their help, for example, in working toward making the science center a reality, and in planning and building permanent hands-on exhibits to illustrate scientific principles relevant to everyday life in the Rockville area. The science center will offer enjoyable and informative interactive exhibits for all ages.

In order to introduce ourselves to the residents of Rockville, RCS sponsors Rockville Science Day in April with the support of the City of Rockville, and Montgomery College - Rockville Campus. Activities are designed to help visitors understand some of the interesting natural phenomena that impact on life in their community and, the science-oriented activities in which their neighbors and local institutions are engaged. About 60 exhibitors participate.

RCS seeks the support of the community through memberships, contributions, and volunteer help. We need a strong and continuing base of citizen support in Rockville, and we welcome the participation of all who share our interests in science, education and the environment. Members will receive RCS notices and publications, and may attend the monthly meetings held at Rockville City Hall on the third Thursday of the month at 8 p.m.

The Rockville Consortium for Science, Inc. is registered in the State of Maryland as a non-profit educational organization and has been granted tax-exempt status 501(c)3 by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service; donations and membership fees are accordingly tax-deductible contributions (tax status letter).

For more information, call David McGinnis 301-251-8744.

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